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Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions

I hereby agree to the following:

 I am participating voluntarily in online guided Movement sessions offered by Matilda Movement

I confirm that I am physically able to complete this session and I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the instructor prior to the commencement of this session of any injuries, illnesses or conditions that may impact my ability to participate safely.

The  safety and well-being of all clients is of utmost importance and The Functional Factory and all employees will provide professional and safe instructions and demonstrations to the best of their abilities as is possible through the online format. However The Functional Factory and all employees hold no liability for the aggravation of existing conditions/injuries and/or any new conditions/injuries that may occur during your session.


I agree that any physical exercise or movement sessions are undertaken at my own risk and I accept all liability for any injuries and/or damages (known or unknown)

I may suffer as a result of participating in this session. 

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